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Feyerabend and historiographic proliferation

In the introduction to his Against Method, Paul Feyerabend paraphrased V.I. Lenin by claiming that history is “always richer in content, more varied, more many-sided, more lively and subtle” than “the best historian and the best methodologist can imagine”. He … Continue reading

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Philosophy in Science

What is philosophy of science? Is it in any way useful? If so, for whom is it useful? Is it at all useful to scientists in their scientific endeavors? Mark Perakh, a physicist, has said, “I dare to claim that … Continue reading

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Rejecting collective guilt

Hans Kundnani commented on a cover story in Die Zeit, which reported on attitudes among German teenagers toward the Nazi past. The general sentiment, it seems, was “Was geht das mich noch an?” (Perhaps “why would it still matter to … Continue reading

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Some historiography of witchcraft

Early discussion of witchcraft amongst historians was based on the assumptions that the belief in witches and associated phenomena died out due to the advent of the scientific revolution and that the persecution of witches in the first place occurred … Continue reading

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